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As an email marketer, you have the opportunity to unlock an entirely incremental revenue stream.

Active Emails delivers native ads in the emails you are already sending to your subscribers. While some other ad networks only pay publishers a few cents per click, Active Emails pays our publishers revenue share from any click their email generates.

You deserve to earn more on the clicks you deliver and Active Emails is here to make sure you do. Don't accept less than you deserve for your traffic any longer.

Publisher Revenue Focused

Most ad delivery companies have to balance the needs of both their advertisers and their publishers. Active Emails focuses 100% on maximizing our publisher's revenue.

You work hard building your email lists and selecting the right offers and content to send them. Let us reward you for your hard work with our in-email ad placements and incremental revenue.

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Every email you send that doesn't include our in-email ads is costing you additional revenue.

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