How Active Emails Works

This is how Active Emails can help you maximize revenue
from your email newsletters with in-email ads.

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4 Reasons To Use Active Emails

You Make More Money

Even with great click rates, a majority of your openers just close your emails. You can capture some of those email closers with our ads and turn them into clickers and earn more revenue.

You Can Get Better Domain Reputation

With more email openers clicking, you can improve your domain reputation with ISPs resulting in better inboxing. Better inboxing means even more revenue from your offers and ads.

Your Readers Are Happier

Most niches are limited on offers that work. Typically this means that marketers repeat offers quite regularly. Having ads that may interest your readers can keep them engaged longer.

You Can Set It And Forget It

All you have to do is place a simple piece of code into your email and set back and collect the extra revenue. Active Emails will handle everything on the back end helping you succeed.

Getting Started

Once you sign up, Active Emails will create an ad campaign specific for your audience. Once ready, we will supply you a small snippet of code for you to copy and paste into your email template. We will continue to monitor performance of ads removing any that are not converting for your audience. This hands on approach ensures that we maximize your results with us.